Iolanthe: Press Reviews


For reviews:

  • Iolanthe @ Moyse Hall
    “The prospect of checking out this McGill Savoy Society production should be appealing without any help on my part. All of that said, this really is an accomplished production, and it really is worth checking out.”
    Bloody Underrated
  • Fairies in the House
    With exemplary orchestral accompaniment and a fantastic cast, I recommend those hoping to discover some of the British heritage residing in this city to rush to catch this unique production.
    McGill Daily
  • McGill’s Savoy succeeds with uproarious comic opera
    Through memorable music and healthy doses of humour, Savoy Society’s Iolanthe turns the often bitter pill of political debate into an immensely pleasurable experience.”
    McGill Tribune
  • Away you go to Fairyland: Iolanthe
    This evening of joyful chaos was the perfect therapy for me after a tough week, and I highly recommend the show. After all, now that we’re into that last stressful pre-break stretch, there’s no better time for a reminder not to take life too seriously – and never, ever to diss a fairy.

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