Here is a glance at our 2013-2014 season: The Mikado from behind the curtain!

The following drawings are two sketches among the many beautiful designs created by our costume designer, Celina Krenn.


Demonstrated above is Nanki-poo disguised as a traveling minstrel. This costume is at a point where nanki poo is desperate to gain a hold of his love. Traveling minstrels where never rich men, therefore these dull, earth toned colors reflect the lack of money a minstrel would have. There is also a mixture of silliness in the costume and color mixtures of blue, green and yellow. The minstrel would also purposely where silly costumes to entertain the public with humour.


Previewed above is the beautiful Yum-Yum in her wedding dress. The mixture of colors of orange, red and touches of gold reflect the traditional Japanese wedding gowns. Throughout traditional Japanese weddings, the bride will wear red or orange to symbolize the rebirth into her husband’s family. Yum Yum is a character who is elegant and gentle and the draping and fluidness of the down reflect her inner personality. The dress will be accessorized with a large beautiful gold belt around the waistline and a flower embroidered head piece to finish it off.

The McGill Savoy Society 2013-2014 season:

February 14, 15 & 20, 21, 22, 2014 (with a press review on February 13th) – The Mikado

Moyse Hall (853 Sherbrooke St. West, Arts Building, McGill University, H3A 0G5)

Ticket Price:
$12 for students, $20 for adults


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