The Mikado: Press Reviews



  • McGill Savoy Society: The Mikado
    “Having attended two previous Gilbert and Sullivan musicals put on by the McGill Savoy Society, I was expecting three things when I walked into the theatre for a third experience: chaos, colour, and at their core a brilliant wit. And the Savoy Society’s Mikado doesn’t fail to deliver.”
    “It is impossible to walk away from a Gilbert and Sullivan production without smiling. Whether it is the lilting “topsy-turvydum” of the lyrics, the bright colours and costumes, or the sheer wonder of their timeless wit, you are guaranteed a good night of fun at the theatre.”
    Bloody Underrated
  • Savoy Society turns 50
    “The Mikado mixes the topsy-turvy style of Gilbert and Sullivan with enough intelligent human emotion and sharp wit to keep the audience engaged till the curtain falls. The Savoy Society’s grand, fifty-year legacy brilliantly carries on this classic Anglo-tradition to a modern generation of McGill theatre-goers.”
    The McGill Tribune
  • The case for satire
    “Perhaps what makes this production brilliant is the adroitness the Savoy Society shows in keeping heavy issues lighthearted, in a way Gilbert and Sullivan themselves would have been delighted to witness.”
    The McGill Daily

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2 responses to “The Mikado: Press Reviews

  1. The performance of “The Mikado” last evening was the finest I have ever seen.

    Never before has a Complete performance been so thoroughly integrated to give the most elegant, joyous and brilliant night in the theatre.

    1) The scenery as ever was a delight and complimented the costumes perfectly
    2) The Conductor really understood the there is as nervous energy in English Music and he brought it out throughout the Opera. Never has Sullivan sounded so exuberantly joyous, so singable, and emotionally uplifting. After the Overture the Orchestra was superb all evening. Rarely have the Arias been more clear nor the Dialogue delivered with such revealing shades of meaning.
    3) The Costumes were fine and the use of the Fans and Sunshades and the whole Choreography was brilliant: never has a small stage been use so imaginatively.
    4) The brilliance of the Direction held all these elements together in a creative tension which lasted till the last curtain.
    5) Your Soloists were all brilliant Singers and consummate Actors, and the Chorus was brilliant collectively and individually.
    Please convey my congratulations to everybody for the magnificent 50th. Anniversary Performance.

    • Hi,

      I reposted your review about the show on the Mikado cast and creative team Facebook and everyone is absolutely thrilled to see it.

      We are so glad that you find the performance enjoyable and thank you so much for your support!

      Cai Cheng
      Publications Director
      McGill Savoy Society

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