Auditions for The Merry Widow!

merry widow audition poster4

To sign up for an audition please click here.

For updates and more information regarding auditions, please check our Facebook event page.

This year Savoy is auditioning for Franz Lehars’ The Merry Widow. We will be asking you to sing an exert from the show according to the character you wish to portray. These excerpts will be out shortly. If you have any questions please e-mail or

The Merry Widow tells the heart-warming love story of Anna Glawari and Count Danilo, and how they prevent the complete bankruptcy of the fictional county of Pontevedro. The merry widow, Madame Anna Glawari shockingly inherited the entire financial wealth of Pontevedro from her late husband, the court banker. Pursuing her old flame, the count, she visits Paris, where nobility from around the world attempt to sweep her off her feet at the Pontevedran embassy. The ambassadors, attempting to prevent a foreign marriage, call the playboy count back from his night out carousing to marry the widow posthaste. But Danilo has no intention of wedding the wealthy widow!

We are also looking for applicants interested in the position of Publicity Director for our Season 2015-2016, for more information, please contact

Merry Widow Hassall Credits


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