Roles To Be Filled! Orchestra Auditions! Jobs Available!

We still have openings for lead Sopranos and Tenors as well as Male and Female chorus members. If you are interested please contact!


Orchestra auditions are upon us! Here is a link to the event . Please prepare two contrasting pieces approximately 2 mins each. Please click here to sign up for a audition time. Please contact with any questions or for more details!


Savoy is seeking a PUBLICITY DIRECTORPlease direct all inquiries as well as a CV and Cover Letter to

Job description: The publicity director has 3 main jobs. The first is reaching out to the local community and corporations to attain sponsorship. We do this by dispensing sponsorship packages and following up with phone calls to our previous sponsors as well as finding new ones. The second job is publicizing the materials made by the publications director as well as invite press to our preview night. The last job is to handle fundraising campaigns, such as the annual Indiegogo campaign, to encourage member and alumni support.



Assistant Stage Manager, Assistant Production Manager, Assistant Director, Costume Designer, Lighting Designer

Position Details:

The Assistant Production Manager will learn the role of the Production Manager and work alongside the current Production Manager as the liaison between the Savoy Society and our venue, and will help run production meetings with our designers. This job requires a less significant time commitment in the fall semester (about two hours hours/week) and a heavy time commitment at the end of January/start of February, as the Savoy Society prepares to move into our venue and put on the show. This position is for someone organized and responsible, and who has a love for theatre.

The Assistant Stage Manager assists the stage manager and director with all aspects of the planning, coordination, and running of meetings, rehearsals, and performances.

At The Savoy Society, as one of two ASMs, you will:

Attend all rehearsals as needed by the Stage Manager
Get the rehearsal space ready
Fill in for the stage manager should they be unable to attend a rehearsal
Take blocking/production notes down, and later in the rehearsal process, be on book for actors
Stand in for missing actors
Be responsible for the collection, maintenance, and use of props
Be responsible for one wing of the stage during performances
This is not an exhaustive list and your job may include other responsibilities.

This job requires a significant time commitment (~7 hours/week in Fall, and ~12 hours/week in Winter). Responsibility and accountability are a must for an assistant stage manager.

The Assistant Director will help the Director with the production including casting, blocking and making stage choices, meeting with designers and running rehearsals in the absence of the director. This job requires you to be at most rehearsals as well as meetings, averaging about 10 hours in the fall and 15 hours in January and February. This position is ideal for someone who enjoys theatre and is willing to learn!

The Costume Designer will be in charge of putting together the costumes for the cast in line with the era of the show. You will be given a budget as well as creative leeway to ensure the costumes match the tone and style of the production. This job requires you to attend creative team meetings, but otherwise allows you to be flexible as most of the work will be done on your own time. The time commitment can range from around 5 hours to 15 a week. This position is for someone who has a creative eye and is interested in costuming/ fashion.

The Lighting Designer is in charge of creating the lighting plot for the production. You will work closely with the director and will be in charge of assisting with the lights when we move into the theatre in February. The time commitment will very greatly with the most commitment needed in February.

Please direct all inquiries as well as your applications, consisting of a CV and Cover Letter to

STCM poster


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