Executive & Creative Team


2017– 2018 EXECUTIVE TEAM 
Imperial Monarch
Hannah Moloshok, member since 2014
Lord Chancellor
Aaron Meredith, member since 2016
High Protectors of the Realm
Marc Ducusin, member since 2010
Matthew McKeown, member since 2010
Count of the Sacred Largesse
Adrian Nagy, member since 2014
Lady Speaker of the Council
Talia Fuchs, member since 2014
Marketing Director:
Comtesses Publicité
Publications Director:
Viscountess Publications
Jayden Kang, member since 2017
Sponsorship Director:
Duchess of Patrons
Naomi Xiang, member since 2017
Members at Large – Cast:
Ministers of the Theatrical Court
Charlotte Scott-Frater, member since 2016
Ben Markbreiter, member since 2017
Member at Large – Orchestra:
Minister of the Orchestral Court
Nicole Pagaling, member since 2016
Members at large-cast
Ministers of the Theatrical Court

2017– 2018 CREATIVE TEAM 
Co-Producers: Marc Ducusin
Matthew McKeown
Stage Director: Roger Andrews
Assistant Stage Director & Choreographer: Coralie Heiler
Orchestra Director & Conductor: Sara Wunsch
Vocal Director & Chorus Master: Didier Blach-Laflèche
Stage Manager:
Assistant Stage Managers:
Maya Caplan
Alexander Barth                                          Charlise Chen
Dance Captains: Charlotte Scott-Frater
Neel Soman
Production Manager: Hugo Sivov
Set Designer: Jean-Claude Olivier
Costume and Prop Designer:
Nicole Heiler
Lighting Designer: Gaspard Nahmias
Sound Designer:
Sound Assistant:
Emma Van Esbroeck
Tess Seip
Makeup Designer: Sophia Chau Hoang
Graphics Designer: Cai Cheng
Videographer: Benjamin Warner (Beanduck Productions)