The Pirates of Penzance

We are proud to be returning to the stage with The Pirates of Penzance in March 2022! We’re looking forward to seeing you again.


The Pirate King Arthur Anderson
Samuel, his lieutenant Philippe Courtemanche
Frederic Didier Blach-Laflèche
James Michael Quinsey
Ruth Natalie Demmon
Major-General Stanley Daniel Benjamin Miller
Mabel Angela Marino
Edith Eden Augustine
Kate Megan Danbrook
Isabel Caeleigh McDonald
Sergeant of Police Matthew Erskine
Chorus of Daughters, Pirates and Policemen Molly Frost
  Hali Kremen
  Laurent Lachaussée
  Jean-François Morency
  Pierce Pesant
  Jordan Prentice
  Alice Wu

Creative Team

Stage Director Coralie Heiler
Musical Director Ian Plankser
Stage Managers Cathleen Ma, Gabi Kofsky
Producer Daniel Benjamin Miller

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