The McGill Savoy Theatre Society is “a laboratory for an ongoing social experiment, a connecting point between academia and the city at large, a social club with a fun-filled annual project that showcases worthy, rising talent within a beautifully restored Montreal landmark, Moyse Hall.”
— Pat Donnelly, The Montreal Gazette

From the Distant Panorama…

Come behind-the-scenes photos from our upcoming production of Princess Ida

Highlights from our 60-year production history

Relive half a century of student theatre

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As a non-profit student theatre company, the McGill Savoy Society is dependent on you, our patrons, for continued support. Your donations help fund the costs of our productions, including theatre rental, costumes, props, makeup, scores, publicity and more. Contributions of any size are highly appreciated, and all donations are tax-deductible. Thank you for your support!