Founded in 1964 by Robin Alder, the McGill Savoy Society is the oldest university-affiliated Gilbert and Sullivan troupe in Canada. A student-run organization operating under the auspices of the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU), the McGill Savoy Society is a high-profile non-profit theatre group which produces a mainstage operetta each year as well as a variety of side shows. The productions’ cast, technical team and creative team are largely composed of McGill students and recent graduates, and the Society is led by an all-student executive team.

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Cast Member at LargeMolly
Sponsorships and MarketingKrystie Nguyen and
Carmen Mancuso

The 2022-2023 Executives

Alice Wu (President)

Alice Wu (she/her) is a U4 English Literature student minoring in French. She’s been involved with Savoy since her first semester at McGill, when she joined the chorus of The Gondoliers. Other acting credits include the radio dramas Sojourns in Space and State of Denial, as well as the plays And Then There Were None and Ti-Jean and His Brothers. Savoy is her found family at McGill, and she’s honoured to serve as the Society’s president this year. Outside the theatre, you’ll probably find her chatting up a storm or living vicariously through cooking shows.

Fun fact: Alice realizes she may be impeached for this, but she has a long-standing hatred of onions.

Gabi Kofsky (Vice-President)

Gabi Kofsky (they/them), U1 English major, is a second year student at McGill university majoring in English Literature. They’ve been doing theatre since a young age and have worked both on stage as an actor and behind the scenes as crew and stage manager, though this is their first time being the VP of a theatre society. When they’re off-duty, you’ll find them holed up in their room reading or ranting about pop culture to anyone that will listen.

Fun fact: They can quit coffee and ice cream whenever they want.

Fred Azeredo (Secretary)

Fred Azeredo (he/him), U3 Religious Studies major, is not much for singing or dancing, but you’ll have to pry his Gilbert and Sullivan collection from his cold, dead hands. Formerly Savoy’s Marketing Exec, now Secretary, he is currently in the process of going mad with power. Mostly, though, he writes weird stuff, like People v. MacDougall, featured in last year’s McGill Drama Festival, and Sojourns in Space, the hit radio drama on CKUT FM. In whatever free time that remains, he enjoys watching crappy black and white movies and pirating legally purchasing scores of comic books.

Fun fact: He has been known to refer to himself in the third person, such as in exec bios.

Cathleen Ma (Treasurer)

Cathleen Ma (she/her) is a U3 McGill student double majoring in History and English Literature. She’s been involved in the McGill Savoy Society since last year’s production of Pirates of Penzance, in which she was a Stage Manager. Before Mcgill she was very involved in high school musical theater, the highlight of which was playing Belle in Beauty and the Beast. In her spare time, she can be found watching food YouTube videos (usually not with the intention of actually cooking recipes, since she ends up being lazy and making fried rice for a whole week) or taking “power” naps that accidentally last for 5 hours.

Fun fact: She reads Wikipedia plot summaries before reading or watching anything just to make sure she’ll like it, like a true heathen.

Molly Frost (Cast Member at Large)

Molly Frost (she/her) first joined the McGill Savoy Society as a chorus member in its 2022 production of The Pirates of Penzance. Having schemed and connived her way into exec, she is now entering her second year with the Society, and is thrilled to be this year’s Member At Large, or MAL (basically the HR person for Savoy, but better). As a U1 student at McGill, Molly is majoring in Psychology, and double-minoring in Behavioural Science and the Social Studies of Medicine. In her free time, she enjoys both playing and listening to music, walking around Mount Royal for hours on end, and explaining to her cat that no, the laptop charger isn’t food!

Fun fact: Molly stress bakes, and nearly cries every time she sees the price of butter.

Krystie Nguyen (Sponsorships and Marketing)

Krystie Nguyen (she/her) is a U1 student majoring in Statistics and Art history. She joined Savoy pretty late for her first production The Pirates of Penzance last year, and immediately fell in love with the people and the atmosphere there. It’s her honor to get involved as Co-Marketing Director with Carmen, and she is super excited for The Sorcerer! Other McGill theatre involvement includes And Then There Were None and Lazarus. Beside theatre, she will be organizing events day-to-day, or winter camping in -34 degrees Celsius. She is also obsessed with cats and flowers.

Fun fact: Krystie can stay up until 3 am to arrange her insta profile.

Carmen Mancuso (Sponsorships and Marketing)

Carmen Mancuso (she/her), U3 English major, is thrilled to be a part of the McGIll Savoy Society as Co-Marketing Director! Hailing from beautiful British Columbia, she is in her second year at McGill studying English Literature and Computer Science. She has tried her hand in all aspects of theatre since she was a wee one, and is delighted to start rustling up donations for Savoy. She was first involved with Gilbert and Sullivan with an 8th Grade production of The Pirates of Penzance, and has sustained a love for their wonderful work ever since! Now that in-person theatre has kicked off once again, Carmen can’t wait for another fantastic year of Savoy!

Fun fact: She has biked over an hour in a thunderstorm for a good bottle of Green Chartreuse. Totally worth it.