The Sorcerer Cast Auditions

We are proud to announce that our 2023 main stage production is the The Sorcerer, a spectacular comic opera not seen at McGill for 50 years. Performances will take place over two weekends on February 10-11 and 17-18. More information will be made available on this page after rehearsals begin, but in the meantime, please check out the information about cast auditions!

Show synopsis

When young Alexis comes to the mysterious magus John Wellington Wells seeking a potion to induce love at first sight, he unwittingly begins a descent into magically-induced chaos that ends up engulfing the entire unsuspecting village of Ploverleigh… and requires a terrible sacrifice to set right.

Dramatis Personae

Alexis (Tenor C#3-A4)

Soldier of the Grenadier Guards and son of Baronet Sir Marmaduke. After experiencing the happiness brought about by his betrothal to Aline, he hires a Sorcerer to brew a love potion in a naive attempt to prove that love can unite all classes and ranks.

Aline (Soprano C4-B5)

Daughter of Lady Sangazure and Alexis' betrothed. Despite her misgivings about the sorcerer and his love potion, she goes along with Alexis' plan for the happiness of the village.

John Wellington Wells (Comic Baritone G2-F4)

A sorcerer of J. W. Wells & Co., Family Sorcerers. A glib-tongued charlatan, he pushes Alexis and Aline to purchase his love potion. After a melodramatic incantation, he too, gets entangled in the chaos of the spell's effect when an unwanted lover casts her eyes on him.

Lady Sangazure (Contralto/Mezzo-Soprano G3-E5)

A Lady of ancient lineage and mother of Aline. A woman of dignity and passion, supposedly descended from Helen of Troy, she harbours secret feelings for Sir Marmaduke, hiding them for propriety's sake.

Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre (Bass-Baritone G2-E4)

An elderly baronet and father of Alexis. A paragon of dignity and ancestral snobbery, he abhors public displays of affection. Despite loving Lady Sangazure for years, his sense of propriety forbids him from showing it.

Dr. Daly (Baritone/Tenor Bb2-F#4)

Clergyman of a local parish. A bachelor past his prime, he doubts that he will ever find love.

Mrs. Partlet (Contralto/Mezzo-Soprano A3-E5)

A lowly pew-opener in the local parish. Warm and loving, yet assertive, she plays matchmaker between Dr. Daly and Constance, her daughter.

Constance (Mezzo-Soprano/Soprano C4-B5)

Daughter of Mrs. Parlet. She has a doting love for Dr. Daly but is overcome by shyness and melancholic lovesickness.

And a chorus of villagers, celebrating the marriage of Alexis and Aline before falling prey to the enchanted love potion.

Cast Auditions

When and where?

Cast auditions will take place in-person on McGill campus in Room 420 of the Shatner Building (3480 Rue McTavish, Montréal, QC H3A 1X9) on September 21, 22 and 23, 6-8 p.m.

Note that if you have tested positive for, or have any symptoms of Covid-19 at the time of your scheduled audition, please do not come. In this case, please use the remote option or email our producer at for special arrangements.

Remote Option

Though we encourage you to sign up for an in-person audition, if you can’t make any of the scheduled evenings, please record a video of your song and scene/poem (you may need to enlist a friend to help with the dialogue), then email the producer at This option will remain available until 12 p.m on Sunday, September 25th.

What do I prepare?

You will need to prepare a 16-bar excerpt (30 seconds) of a song in English. Gilbert and Sullivan songs, or musical theatre songs from the period 1920-1960, are preferred. Auditions will be a cappella, or you may bring your own backing track. If you are interested in a speaking role, you will be asked to read a poem of your choice or from a side available here. Also available are The Sorcerer song PDFs you may wish to look at before callbacks.

Sign up for cast auditions!

Creative Team

Stage Director Natalie Demmon
Musical Director Noah Century
Stage Managers Cathleen Ma, Gabi Kofsky

Are you interested in joining our creative team or crew? Please email We have many open positions, including Orchestral Music Director!

Orchestra Auditions

Details on auditions for the Savoy Orchestra will be announced soon!